Biden Mocked Into Oblivion After Posing with 81st Birthday Cake: ‘Portal to Hell’

Biden Mocked Into Oblivion After Posing with 81st Birthday Cake: ‘Portal to Hell’

President Joe Biden turned 81 on Monday. This gave the president — or his handlers — a chance to pose him with his birthday cake in the White House and then share the photo on social media.

The cake’s candles produced the effect of a swirling fire and elicited clever, relentless mockery from cynical social media users.

“There’s a portal to hell on a plate in front of him,” conservative radio host Dana Loesch said in a post.

Apparently, whoever handles Biden’s social media accounts, whether the president or an aide, thought it a good idea to attempt jokes about his age.


“Thanks for the birthday well-wishes today, everyone. Turns out on your 146th birthday, you run out of space for candles!” Biden’s Instagram post said.


Even some Instagram users commented on the towering flames and the president’s age.

“Got enough air in ya lungs for that buddy?” one poster said.

As one would expect, however, the free speech social media platform X produced the most substantive mockery.

“That cake is America right now,” podcaster Kyle Becker tweeted.

Others picked up on the metaphor of Biden-as-Emperor-Nero, fiddling while Rome burns.

“I fixed it,” one user wrote after adding nearly two dozen fires to the birthday cake photo. This version also includes the cartoon dog from the oft-used meme sitting behind Biden and complacently saying, “This is fine.”

“Hell, his cake is the whole world. He’s ‘accomplished’ a lot in 3 years,” another X user posted.

Speaking of metaphors, another user posted a GIF of a literal dumpster — on fire — floating down a flooded roadway.

All of these comments rightly showcased the national and global catastrophe that is the Biden administration.


However, the award for spot-on, laugh-out-loud mockery must go to an X user with the handle EBC1972. Indeed, in only 14 words, the post captured the essence of Biden’s aristocratic privilege and faux empathy.

“It won’t be long until he compares that cake to the wildfires in Maui,” EBC1972 said.


Recall that after the devastating Aug. 8 wildfires in Maui, Hawaii, Biden waited 13 days to visit the island. When he finally arrived, he made a pathetic attempt to relate to the wildfire victims by sharing a story of a long-ago kitchen fire at his Delaware home.

Whether as a “portal to hell” or a metaphor for his dumpster-fire administration, Biden’s bonfire of a birthday cake at least allowed us to laugh and keep from crying.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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