Biden Mocked as He Breaks ‘Funny Hats Rule’ That Obama Called ‘Politics 101’

Biden Mocked as He Breaks ‘Funny Hats Rule’ That Obama Called ‘Politics 101’

I’m old enough to remember the image of Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, then the Democratic presidential nominee in 1988, wearing a helmet while taking a ride in an M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank. It was an image that has largely been credited with destroying his chance to win the Oval Office.

(I’m also old enough to know the guy responsible for the Willie Horton ad that was another major factor in destroying Dukakis’ presidential ambitions, but that story is for another day.)

The Abrams photo op is largely credited with what former President Barack Obama once called “Politics 101”: “You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president.”

“You never look good wearing something on your head,” he said in 2013 when he was given a Navy football helmet at a media event.

Apparently, he never passed that advice on to his vice president, who of course is now President Joe Biden.

Or, heck, maybe he did. What Biden has been told and forgotten or was never told but believes he was told by persons living or dead whom he may or may not ever have met is anyone’s guess, really.

At any rate, the president either didn’t know the rule, forgot it, or just decided he was going to break it during a campaign event Thursday.

Biden was in Wisconsin with Sen. Amy Klobuchar, touting the supposed success of Bidenomics and support for union workers.

During the event, he was photographed with the Democratic senator and three of what she called “great union workers” in a post to X.

Three of the people in the photograph were holding partially drunk beers in their hands in the mid-afternoon, which caused some comment on the social media platform, but it was Biden’s headgear that got most of the attention.

“Nothing like having a beer with some great union workers and ⁦yes, that would be @JoeBiden⁩ in Superior, Wisconsin,” Klobuchar wrote in the post.

Other X users — some well-known and others just folks — took it from there.

And then there’s probably my personal favorite:

There’s no telling, of course, whether this photo op — in which Biden, like Dukakis in 1988, tried hard to look like something he is not — will hull the ship of Biden’s presidential campaign the way that the tank picture did to Dukakis nine election cycles ago.

But it does indicate something about Biden that should concern every American, including his supporters — the president doesn’t seem able to learn from other people’s mistakes, which means he’s likely to repeat them himself.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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