Biden Lied About Four Years of His Life: Job He Claimed to Work Is a Total Fabrication

Remember the story about George Washington and the cherry tree? After the six-year-old boy received a hatchet as a gift, he took it and whacked his father’s cherry tree. When confronted by his father, the boy purportedly said, “I cannot tell a lie … I did cut it with my hatchet.” It was just a story, but it did say something about how Washington was perceived by the public. Washington was known during his lifetime for emphasizing truthfulness. He even said, during his 1796 farewell address,”I hold the maxim no less applicable to public than to private affairs, that honesty is the best policy.” Years later, another president shared a reputation for straight-shooting, as the nickname “Honest Abe” was bestowed on President Abraham Lincoln. Nobody’s going to make up a story about Joe Biden’s honesty. His history of fabricating reality has earned him the nickname of “Lyin’ Joe.” And, oops, he’s done it again. On Thursday, Biden reminisced about how he used to teach political theory at the University of Pennsylvania. He was giving a speech at Maryland’s Prince George’s Community College, according to Newsmax. “Our democracy is under attack, and we got to fight for it,” Biden said in the speech. “I taught at the University of Pennsylvania for four years, and I used to teach political theory. And folks, you always hear, every generation has to fight for democracy.” The New York Post posted a clip.
The reality of the situation is Biden has never taught a single class at the university and — God willing — he never will. Biden is almost 81. That certainly may have something to do with his tenuous relationship with the truth. Age alone, however, isn’t the lone culprit. Lyin’ Joe has been lying at least as long as he’s been a politician. Biden was elected at the age of 29 to the U.S. Senate in 1972. He can’t claim he was suffering from age-related dementia back then. Well, he could, but nobody would believe him. In the past year, Biden has asserted the Obama administration “didn’t lock people up in cages,” “the moment [the Iraq War] started, I came out against it,” and “I was always labeled one of the most liberal members of Congress,” according to The Hill. Lies. At a 1987 rally,  a supporter asked Biden what law school he attended and how well he had done, according to Newsweek.  The question, though asked in a polite manner, poked Biden’s ire like a burr under a saddle. “I think I have a much higher IQ than you do,” Biden barked. Biden then said he “went to law school on a full academic scholarship … [and] ended up in the top half” of his class. He also claimed he “graduated with three degrees” from undergraduate school and was the “outstanding student in the political science department.” He punctuated the tirade with, “I’d be delighted to sit down and compare my IQ to yours if you’d like, Frank.” More lies, according to Newsweek. Just last week, Biden claimed he was in New York at ground zero a day after 9/11. Damned lies. I could go on listing examples of Lyin’ Joe’s lies, but you get the picture. Politicians lying is nothing new. But when you lie so often that you forget what the truth is, it’s a sign that the cancer of relativism — the belief that truth is invented by the individual, rather than pursued for the sake of, well, truth  — has metastasized and the infected organism is close to death. Think about it.  When the leader of the free world is an incompetent serial liar, what kind of a message does it send? The message is clear: Western civilization is gravely ill. A culture founded on the pursuit of truth cannot survive if there is no truth. Remember Socrates? He died for the sake of truth. Remember Jesus Christ? They killed him because he was the Truth. Call the liars what you will — radical leftists, Marxists, Satanists — to achieve their goals, they must usurp truth and replace it with a lie. Relativism is their favorite and most effective weapon. This is where relativism necessarily leads: to nihilism — the belief there is no truth.  If everyone has their own truth, one cancels out the other ad nauseam until there is no truth at all.  Nihilism spells the end of the West. Joe Biden isn’t an anomaly, an old man who happens to be president succumbing to a dying brain. He’s a symptom of a dying culture, a culture dying from relativism. It doesn’t matter that the internal enemies of America and the West are on a fool’s errand — the truth, by definition, is imperishable. They will keep trying to bury the truth under a mountain of lies and in doing so, whip a whirlwind of suffering, destruction, confusion and terror until they’re stopped dead in their tracks. How can they be stopped? With the truth. Ask your kids often what they’re learning in school, even Sunday school. Remind them about the stories of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Teach them to love the truth outside of themselves. Teach them that Western civilization was built on the spirit of truth, but the enemy is deeply entrenched. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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