Biden Lambasted for Starting Off 9/11 Address with a Joke: ‘What a Disgrace’

Many felt that President Joe Biden made a mockery of the terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001, especially with the lame joke he started his remarks with at the podium on Monday. Biden was at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson ceremony in Anchorage, Alaska, on the day of the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and began his address about the solemn date by talking about how he and Alaskan Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy both came from Scranton. “Governor Dunleavy, it’s good to see you. The governor and I have something in common: We’re both from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I wish I had him playing on my high school ball club when I was playing. I could’ve been an All-American having you in front of me,” Biden said after stepping to the podium.
But many jumped to social media to blast Biden for starting an address about the terrible day when thousands of Americans were killed by cracking wise and talking about himself. “WATCH: Biden begins his 9/11 anniversary speech with a joke about his ‘high school ball club,'” Breaking 911 wrote on X. Many others agreed that Biden disgraced his remarks about 9/11, turning what should be a solemn occasion into a jokefest. One X user moaned, “What a disgrace.” X user Ethan Harsell was shocked, writing, “Clueless Joe Biden makes jokes during 9/11 remarks.” X user Sharon K was quite disgusted. She wrote, “I can’t believe Biden would make a lame Scranton joke before a 9/11 speech. Or maybe I can.” Another user of the platform formerly known as Twitter added, “Biden has marked 9/11 by: 1) Celebrating deals with the Saudis, 2) Giving Iran $6 billion, 3) Jokes.” But even before his remarks in Alaska, Biden was already under fire for for being the first president in 22 years to neither spend the day at a 9/11 memorial site nor the White House. It is nothing new, of course. Biden tries to make every event, every town, every college, every sport, and every situation all about himself. For instance, last month during his comments about Hurricane Idalia, Biden opened his remarks with a joke about his mother. Also in August, he made seriously inappropriate comments about the devastating fire in Maui by comparing the horrors in Lahaina to a little fire that broke out in the kitchen of his home. After the fire that swept through the town of Lahaina leaving monumental destruction, 100 known dead, and some 800 still missing, Biden joked about the little flash fire in his kitchen and blurted out, “I almost lost my wife, my ’67 Corvette and my cat.” People have lost their children. And Biden was there in front of them laughing about almost losing his car and his cat. Insensitive and inappropriate hardly describes it. Biden made a series of errors during Monday’s anniversary of 9/11, though. Not only did he make a mockery of the memorial with his self-centered joke, not only did he skip attending any sites to memorialize that terrible day, and, worse, he sent cackling Kamala to an actual memorial event, he also made an announcement of deals with both the Saudis and the Iranians that same day. NSC spokeswoman Adrienne Watson rushed to her X account on Monday and was excited to announce that the Biden administration made a bid $20 billion deal with Saudi Arabia, writing, “We welcome this weekend’s announcement by Saudi Arabia committing $20 billion to support President Biden’s signature initiative, the Partnership for Global Infrastructure (PGI).” The announcement was called “tone deaf” for coming on the anniversary of 9/11, especially since many of the terrorists who attacked us that day were Saudi citizens. Then, the Biden regime also announced that it is handed over $6 billion to Iran — one of the biggest exporters of terrorism in the world — for a few hostages. So many inappropriate things coming on the anniversary of the worst terror attack ever on American soil, once again showing how insensitive and inept this president and his regime can be. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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