Biden to Give Amnesty to Illegals? New Report Shows Dangerous Direction Dems Might Take with Border Crisis

Biden to Give Amnesty to Illegals? New Report Shows Dangerous Direction Dems Might Take with Border Crisis

Has President Joe Biden been trying to make the border crisis worse ever since he took office?

From striking down almost all of former President Donald Trump’s border security policies to hamstringing Texas authorities’ ability to apprehend illegal immigrants, Biden has done little to dissuade observers from the reasonable assumption.

And now, according to Politico, it seems Biden might have decided that the best way to staunch the flood of illegal immigrants would be to remove their illegal status.

The report Monday, which cited three unidentified people familiar with the plan, said the Biden administration has begun pondering giving out green cards to illegal immigrants already in the country.

“One idea that has been floated among administration officials is opening access to the cancellation of removal program for people who have lived in the U.S. for over 10 years and have citizen or resident relatives who would ‘suffer’ if they were deported,” Politico reported.

“If specific requirements are met and an immigration judge approves cancellation of removal, a migrant is able to obtain a green card,” it said.

The report compared such a move to the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

According to a flyer released in September by the Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigrant Removal detailing the “cancellation of removal” process for, in the government’s words, “non-legal permanent residents,” an illegal immigrant approved for this cancellation would instantly receive a green card, effectively legalizing that person after the fact.

While Politico noted that the administration has not yet committed to any particular strategy to quench the deluge of illegal border crossings, the issue has been top of mind since the December border crossings obliterated all previous records.

Likewise, the recent viral video of a horde of illegal immigrants destroying a barrier set up by Texas border guards has done little to improve Biden’s PR on the subject.

For most of his presidency, but especially now, in the heat of a re-election bid, Biden has desperately tried to appease both sides.

For ordinary Americans, he wanted to appear to be doing something about the border crisis — all while catering to those on the left who believe our borders should be even more porous than they already are.

Democrats, empowered by Biden’s indifference, have simply ignored most immigration laws.

Though the Biden administration has not decided on granting illegal immigrants green cards just yet, the fact that it has even considered this course of action would be incredibly dangerous for America.

Giving green cards to illegal immigrants, even on the limited basis this report suggests, would only encourage more illegals to cross the border.

If Biden truly cared about border security, he never would have reversed Trump’s policies and left the country in the mess we find ourselves in now.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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