Biden Gets Painful Impeachment News as Skeptical Republicans Flip

Biden Gets Painful Impeachment News as Skeptical Republicans Flip

The walls may actually be closing in on President Joe Biden — and in more ways than one.

The incumbent president has a number of pressing issues to deal with at the moment, including the rise of former President Donald Trump, a 2024 re-election bid that is (generously) sputtering, and whatever crime of the month that his son has been accused of committing.

Those are the sort of issues that one could probably brush under the rug if the economy were booming.

It is not.

All of that would be bad enough for any incumbent president, let alone the oldest president in United States history, but as has often been the case with Joe Biden’s oh-so-long political career … there’s always another level of awfulness to dig up.

In this instance, it appears Republicans, even skeptical RINOs, are preparing impeachment proceedings against Biden — and that’s the last thing Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. needs right now.

According to a blistering Monday night report from Axios, “House Republicans are securing the support they need to pass a resolution on Wednesday formalizing their impeachment inquiry into President Biden.”

This is a marked advancement of former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who waffled a bit on whether or not he would have enough support to properly impeach Biden.

The main impetus for impeaching Biden, apart from his job performance, stems from shady family financials.

Per Axios, a number of Republican representatives in generally blue or pro-Biden districts are finally relenting, and that could be the final hurdle to the president facing down actual, genuine impeachment inquiries.

(A number of impeachment inquiries had previously been launched by various Republicans, but many have brushed those aside as primarily being for show and for being “dead on arrival.”)

A number of GOP representatives spoke to Axios and explained why it was now the best time to approve these impeachment inquiries.

California GOP Rep. Mike Garcia told the outlet there was “enough substantiation to move forward.”

Garcia added that “the executive branch made clear they’re not going to cooperate with the inquiry unless we formalize it, so let’s formalize it.”

“Congress has every responsibility to provide oversight. There are serious questions of impropriety. The White House and the president have yet to comply with requests for information and subpoenas,” New York GOP Rep. Marc Molinaro said.

Fellow New York GOP Rep. Anthony D’Esposito also told Axios that he would be voting in favor of the inquiry.

Per Axios, D’Esposito represents a heavily Democrat-leaning district.

The 14-page impeachment inquiry resolution will be up for vote on Wednesday.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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