Biden Destroyed in His Own Comment Section After Posting ‘I’m a Capitalist. But…’

President Biden was relentlessly mocked on social media after a self-contradictory post on his Twitter page. On Sunday, Biden took to Twitter to express his support for increasing taxes on the wealthy, saying, “Look, I’m a capitalist. But the wealthiest and biggest corporations need to pay their fair share. Thankfully now, because of the law I signed, billion-dollar companies have to pay a minimum 15 percent in taxes.” In essence, the president was parroting one of the left’s favorite talking points: Large corporations and the millionaires who run them do not pay as much in taxes as other Americans do and should be made to pay their fair share. But his post backfired on him in a big way, as many people then responded to the tweet by pointing out the contradiction between Biden calling himself a capitalist and parroting the rhetoric of the socialist left. Other users took to Twitter to point out that Biden’s actions while president contradicts his words, as he is much more of a “central planner” than a capitalist. Leaving aside for a moment how you may feel about the capitalist economic system or the behavior of giant corporations, it is right to point out that Biden’s statement is anything but capitalist. [firefly_poll] Capitalism, in its purest sense, would leave things completely to the free market, and it would allow corporations and millionaires to keep what they have earned through honest work. What Biden is calling for in this tweet is government intervention in the economic system, which, last time I checked, was the opposite of capitalism. But, then again, this is Joe Biden — labels don’t seem to matter much to him. For instance, he often talks about how much of a “devout Catholic” he is, despite the fact that his political positions on issues like marriage and abortion directly contradict the church’s teachings. This is just another example of Biden claiming to be something while his actions prove otherwise. Biden is not a capitalist, at least not in the sense that many of us would understand the word “capitalism.” He can claim that he is all he wants, but his actions tell a very different story. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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