Biden Caught Paying His Legal Bills the Same Way in Which He’s Repeatedly Criticized Trump: Report

Biden Caught Paying His Legal Bills the Same Way in Which He’s Repeatedly Criticized Trump: Report

File this story away as yet another example of the brazen hypocrisy that characterizes America’s tyrannical establishment.

On Friday, Axios reported that the Democratic National Committee used campaign donations to pay President Joe Biden’s legal bills stemming from last year’s special counsel probe, a practice for which the Biden campaign has criticized former President Donald Trump.

Citing two unnamed sources, and based on a review of campaign finance documents, Axios identified more than $1.5 million paid to multiple lawyers and law firms.

On Jan. 12, 2023, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the appointment of special counsel Robert Hur to investigate Biden’s handling of classified documents from his eight-year vice presidency.

Between July 2023 and January 2024, the DNC paid more than $1 million to Bob Bauer, the president’s lead attorney. That money went directly to Bauer’s professional limited liability company, Bob Bauer PLLC, per Axios.

Also beginning in July 2023, DNC monthly payments to the law firm Hemenway & Barnes surged from $15,000 to $100,000. Hemenway & Barnes employs Jennifer Miller, another of Biden’s attorneys.

The Axios report came only days after Biden-Harris Finance Chair Rufus Gifford appeared on MSNBC, looked straight into the camera, and lied like everyone else on that propaganda network.

“Every single dime that you give to the Biden-Harris re-election campaign, we spend talking to voters,” Gifford said.

“We are not spending money on legal bills,” the Democratic operative later added.

Readers may watch Gifford lie in the video below.

Predictably, DNC spokesperson Alex Floyd tried splitting hairs.

“There is no comparison — the DNC does not spend a single penny of grassroots donors’ money on legal bills — unlike Donald Trump, who actively solicits legal fees from his supporters and has drawn down every bank account he can get his hands on, like a personal piggy bank,” Floyd told Axios.

That, of course, is nonsense, because the details for the Axios story came from campaign finance documents. Had the DNC solicited donations for Biden’s legal bills and then set those donations aside for that specific purpose, then perhaps Floyd would have an argument.

In the bigger picture, however, it makes little difference, and for two reasons.

First, Floyd actually got one thing right. There is no comparison between the behavior of establishment politicians and their minions on one hand, and the treatment accorded those whom the establishment regards as enemies on the other.

Put simply, Trump supporters have grown accustomed to rank hypocrisy from Biden and his ilk. Furthermore, Trump supporters already know that the establishment has imposed two different sets of standards, one for itself and its contemptible enablers, and one for its opponents.


Trump supporters remember, for instance, the powerful people who imposed lockdowns during the COVID pandemic while moving about freely themselves. They remember the powerful people who shuttered churches and businesses while encouraging Black Lives Matter rioters.

Trump supporters also remember the very different legal treatment those BLM rioters received when compared to protesters and others present in Washington, D.C., during the Capitol incursion of Jan. 6, 2021. And they remember the comically light sentence given to Ray Epps, whom some have suspected of secretly working with the federal government to provoke a riot that day.

Even the Axios story, ostensibly unfavorable to Biden, showed how the establishment media, through acts of omission, protects the powerful.

“Hur ultimately declined to pursue charges against Biden,” Axios wrote.

That outlet did not mention, however, that Hur described Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory.” Nor did it mention that in Congressional testimony last month Hur acknowledged that Biden lied about sharing classified information.

But the second reason that the comparison between Trump’s and Biden’s uses of campaign donations to pay legal fees makes little difference is much simpler and far more elusive to the establishment mind.

In short, Trump supporters know that the establishment has targeted the former president for destruction. From the Russia collusion hoax to four politically-motivated indictments, the pattern has not changed.

Thus, having witnessed eight years of madness, one suspects that most Trump supporters would happily contribute to his legal bills. In fact, one suspects that they view his legal battle and his presidential campaign as part of the same contest.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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