Biden Campaign Gets Caught Trying to Spin Another ‘Bloodbath’-Style Hoax Against Trump with Deceptive Edit

Biden Campaign Gets Caught Trying to Spin Another ‘Bloodbath’-Style Hoax Against Trump with Deceptive Edit

Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win. What they do is spin yarn to overcome their shortcomings. Politics is famous for this. And the Biden campaign? Rather skilled.

They’ve had to be. Biden is hardly an effective president, and Harris is more a joke than a vice president. So once again they are putting in place the makings of a “bloodbath”-style hoax, hoping that immigrants everywhere will turn on Trump resulting in a runaway win in 2024 presidential election for Biden.

For those unfamiliar, two weeks ago Trump gave a campaign speech in Ohio, where he said, “Those big, monster car manufacturing plants that you’re building in Mexico right now — and you think that … you’re not going to hire Americans, and you’re going to sell the cars to us, no. If I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole — that’s going to be the least of it. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country.”

And naturally, the Democrats and establishment media latched onto the “bloodbath” comment, taking it wildly out of context and claiming the former president was calling for a “bloodbath” across the country if he were not re-elected.

Since that hasn’t seemed to work as well as they would have liked and the Biden-Harris Headquarters seems to think the current president can’t win honestly, they are using X to construct yet another hoax, misrepresenting Trump as anti-immigrant and prejudice.

The Biden campaign posted a video where Trump was commenting on Laken Riley’s suspected murderer, who also happened to be and illegal immigrant. Only the way the Biden campaign put the whole post together, it looked as if Trump was calling all illegal immigrants “animals.” They knew this wasn’t the case, but they did it anyway.

In reality, Trump was speaking about the illegal immigrant suspected in the murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Rile, and those like him who commit crimes in the United States. Out for a run one day on a Georgia college campus, Riley never came back.

Jose Ibarra was charged with Riley’s brutal death. According to CBS News, Ibarra is a Venezualian immigrant who entered the United States illegally in 2022.

Trump called Ibarra an “animal” during a press conference. As a father, human being, and president, you could see why he would be compelled to do so.

The Biden-Harris campaign twisted a barbaric tragedy into a campaign against Trump as we move closer to the 2024 election. Once again, Biden demonstrated just how little he actually cared about Riley and how self-serving he actually is.

The deception is meant to cheat voters out of the truth by framing Trump in a poor light. They simply wanted to make the Biden-Harris ticket look better, hoping to win over the immigrant vote with a purposeful misrepresentation.

“Trump: Democrats said please don’t call immigrants animals. I said, no, they’re not humans, they’re animals,” the caption of an X post by the Biden-Harris HQ X account said, with an attached video of an edited version of Trump’s remarks.

In the clip Trump said, “The Democrats say, ‘Please don’t call [immigrants] “animals,” they’re humans.’ I said, ‘No, they’re not humans. They’re not humans. They’re animals.'”

So tired of these types of shenanigans by the Democrats, Florida GOP Rep. Byron Donalds came out swinging in defense of Trump and truth. In his own post on X, he said, “FAKE NEWS ALERT Last night, Democrats & media tried to dupe the American people AGAIN. Trump called Laken Riley’s barbaric killer & other illegal alien murderers like him ‘animals,’ so Democrats deceptively instigated another incendiary hoax. They have NOTHING to run on, so they lie. This reeks of DESPERATION.”

“A nursing student in Georgia was barbariacally murdered by an illegal alien animal. The Democrats say, ‘Please don’t call them “animals,” they’re humans.’ I said, ‘No, they’re not humans. They’re not humans. They’re animals.’ And Nancy Pelosi told me that. She said, ‘Please don’t use the word “animals” when you’re talking about these people.’ I said, ‘I’ll use the work”animal” because that’s what they are,'” Trump said in the full quote posted by Donalds.

Several others joined Donalds in his crusade to clarify exactly what the Biden-Harris campaign was doing. Comments like these rode alongside Donalds’: “Here’s the full clip and not the one deceptively edited by Joe Biden’s propaganda account where Donald Trump clearly states that he’s referring to the criminal illegal who murdered Laken Riley. Does Joe Biden think all immigrants are ‘illegals’?”

“There is a whole clip of this that you just cut off…. Stop gaslighting.”

The con is literally a declaration that even the Biden campaign sees Joe and Kamala as losers. We already know who they see as the winner. The nation of independent and Democratic voters better take heed. Your own people are telling you that you are backing a dog by voting the Biden-Harris ticket. Wake up.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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