Bible Study

Live Bible Study

Grab your bible and a highlighter as you invite the Holy Spirit down to help guide you in your explorations of the Books of Genesis through Revelation. With piloted lessons from Pastor Dave, you can watch the stories of the Bible come to life and apply the knowledge and wisdom contained in its pages to your everyday life.

Mac Bear & Cheese

Join Pastor Dave and his son Creed as they explore the pages of the Bible and break down the messages in a way that is kid-friendly and easy to understand. The whole family will love this series!

Books of the Bible

Join Pastor Dave as he dives deep into the Word of God. Dive deeper into your relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as you explore the pages of your Bible with teachings from Genesis to Revelation.

Psalm Wednesday

Join Pastor Dave and Christine as they explore the popular Book of Psalms and the prophetic meaning and symbolism contained in the pages. Enjoy lessons and messages that can be applied to everyday life as you learn the heart and soul of the Psalm authors in this incredible book that continues to inspire the generations.

Revelation Apocalypse

Are we living in End Times? Join Pastor Dave and Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller as they dive into the book of Revelation and explore signs contained in biblical prophecies that are playing out before our very eyes…