Barstool Sports Boss Dave Portnoy Doubles Down on List of Colleges He’s Banned Hiring From

Barstool Sports Boss Dave Portnoy Doubles Down on List of Colleges He’s Banned Hiring From

With the nation’s top universities still wallowing in anti-Semitism, Barstool Sports chief Dave Portnoy is striking back by refusing to hire graduates from some of the worst offenders.

In a Monday interview on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.,” Portnoy said “hate speech” is what is happening on our college campuses, not free speech.

“When you’re endangering people and causing harm, I think you got to put a stop to it. It’s called common sense,” the Jewish sports commentator said.

Portnoy’s comments come on the heels of his vow last week not to hire any graduates of MIT, Harvard or Penn. The move was in response to congressional testimony by the presidents of the three schools in which none would denounce calls for the genocide of Jews.

Portnoy posted a clip of the testimony on Instagram and wrote, “This video has made me so irate I need to make sure as many people see it as possible.”

“The Deans of 3 supposedly prestigious Universities in the United States somehow refusing to condemn students calling for the Genocide of Jews on campus. AKA — the murder of all Jews.

“Newsflash that is calling for the murder of myself, my parents and my entire family. And these ‘leaders’ refuse to condemn this as hate speech on their campuses? … This is calling for the MURDER OF ALL JEWS everywhere and these absolute coward school administrators refuse to condemn it,” Portnoy said.

“Even worse,” he continued, “they somehow only say it violates school policy if these antisemitic students move from chanting kill all the Jews to actually trying to murder all the jews on campus. Well good to know that actual murder is still against the school handbook at the Ivy Leagues.”

Portnoy went on to blast the hypocrisy of the left-wing culture.

“You can’t even whisper something bad about other groups without it becoming an international incident but with Jews apparently saying you want to kill them all is fair game,” he said.

He then issued his proclamation: “Not that this will make a huge difference but moving forward I will not hire any student who graduates from any of these schools until these Deans step down.”

Portnoy closed saying, “More businesses should follow this lead. This is unacceptable on every single level. I don’t care if you’re Jewish or not either. If you know a Jew or just have a degree of basic human decency calling for the murder of an entire group of people should outrage you.”


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Portnoy has noted that current Barstool employees who graduated from the schools in question have been “grandfathered in” and will not face any recrimination at work.

There has been recrimination elsewhere, though.

Only days after her testimony, Penn president Liz Magill resigned. Meanwhile, Harvard president Claudine Gay — who apologized for her own comments — has been hit with a tidal wave of backlash, including proof that she is a serial plagiarizer.

But despite the evidence that Gay cheated her way to the top position at Harvard and her refusal to condemn calls for genocide, the school is sticking by her.

It is just a further sign that the rot in our system of higher miseducation starts at the top and rolls like a nauseous wave right down to the extremist, hate-filled, terror-loving student bodies.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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