Ban on Transgender Surgery for Minors Hits Roadblock Days Before It Goes Into Effect

Ban on Transgender Surgery for Minors Hits Roadblock Days Before It Goes Into Effect

The fight against the socially sanctioned child abuse known as “gender affirming” surgery is not over.

Though we have had some significant, even unexpected, victories over the past year, the virulence with which this degeneracy is championed by the social justice warriors on the left means there is still a lot of pushback yet to come.

On Jan. 1, Idaho’s ban against transgender surgery for minors was supposed to go into effect. The law, known as House Bill 71, or the Vulnerable Child Act, had been signed in April by the state’s Republican governor, Brad Little.

As reported by The New York Times, however, two families, with the support of increasingly radical left-wing organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the bill.

In an official statement released on the ACLU’s website, one of the plaintiffs, a 16-year-old transgender patient known only as Jane Doe, said, “Being able to live my life as my true self has been a long journey, and my medical care has been an important part of that journey. My family, my doctors, and I have worked together to make decisions about my medical care, and it’s shocking to have politicians take those decisions away from us.”

Thanks to this lawsuit, now Clinton-appointed federal Judge B. Lynn Winmill has blocked the bill, citing its alleged violations of the 14th Amendment.

Winmill wrote, “[t]he authors of the 14th Amendment fully understood and intended that the amendment would prevent state legislatures from passing laws that denied equal protection of the laws or invaded the fundamental rights of the people,” according to The Daily Wire.

As quoted in The Daily Wire, the bill forbids surgeries “that sterilize or mutilate, or artificially construct tissue with the appearance of genitalia that differs from the child’s biological sex,” as well as banning the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones before the child finishes puberty.

Obviously those on the left were going to issue legal challenges to this bill, especially as more states continue proposing and approving these bills.

To the dismay of the prominent left-wing activists, public support for these bills is quite strong, with similar bills being introduced in Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky.

The truth is, while most adults are divided as to the ethics of the availability of these surgeries to consenting adults, the majority of Americans, and indeed, sane people in general, are opposed to allowing these surgeries to be performed on children.

Children are not allowed to smoke, drink, drive or even get a tattoo before age 16 at the earliest — usually not before 18 to 21. Why would any sane person think a child could consent to irreversible medical procedures when, by his own admission, he is not in his right mind?

Fortunately, this block is only temporary. The fact that the Vulnerable Child Act got as far as it has is an encouraging sign. Slowly but surely, more people are waking up to the monstrous horror of the “gender affirming” surgeries and the transgender movement as a whole.

That said, this social contagion is still spreading alarmingly across the country, as evidenced by the children the ACLU roped in to filing a complaint against this legislation.

That this experienced federal judge is likewise letting his emotions drive his decision instead of his rationality further exemplifies the insidious extent of this collective insanity.

Compassion is a beautiful thing, but not when it’s completely divorced from logic and reality.

In reality, banning these surgeries will prevent children from following the whims of the moment, leading to a life of dependence on medical interventions and inescapable regret.

While the existence of these bills can give us hope, the opposition to them shows us that the fight is not over yet. As with abortion, we can’t rest until these procedures are banned in every state in the country.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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