More Bad News for Bud Light Discovered Inside Fridge at Country Artist’s Concert

A recent tweet of a photo of a concession vendor’s refrigerator at a Zach Bryan concert seems to portend even more bad news for Bud Light. The photo shows a fridge containing an entire, seemingly untouched shelf of Bud Light in the concession area. Meanwhile, the other refreshments in the cooler seem to have been selling, because there are cans missing from the rows of Starr-Hill beer and Wahoowa Pale Ale. And the shelves for Miller Lite are practically empty. It appears that the photo was taken on May 10, when the country singer was on tour in Charlottesville, Virginia. Granted, we don’t know that a long line of fans didn’t line up minutes later to buy Budweiser products, but the symbol of fully stocked Bud Light shelves, while other brands are flying off those same shelves, is a very bad look for Bud, nonetheless. And it seems to mirror the experience that package stores, supermarkets, bars and restaurants are having all across the country with their sales figures. For instance, a few weeks ago a photo of a stack of Bud Light 36-pack cartons taken at a Costco seemed untouched, despite the bargain-basement sale price of only $14.97. Many social media users who commented on the post made it clear they wouldn’t buy Bud Light even at that low price. In another example, a video caught what seemed to be an untouched stack of Bud Light in a Sam’s Club while the other brands were clearly picked from. The same video showed Coor’s Light pallet empty and the Miller Lite section almost completely sold out. In still another case, firebrand sports radio host Clay Travis of OutKick Sports fame tried a little experiment with Bud Light that bodes ill for the troubled beer brand. During an event in Nashville, Tennessee, Travis placed out a cooler full of different beer brands, including Bud, in the VIP section of the event. Along with cans of Bud Light, the cooler also contained cans of Yuengling and Michelob Ultra. He took his first images of the cooler at about 6:45 p.m. showing that the cooler was fully stocked with cans. But by 9:45, he found a startling result for his experiment. Three hours after the free beer was placed in the VIP section, Travis discovered that very few of the Bud Light cans had been grabbed up by anyone. Meanwhile, the other beers were practically gone. “I’m not a marketing expert, but the only beer left … Bud Light,” Travis said in his subsequent video. “Bad idea. Not good.” “No one would take the Bud Light all night long,” he reported. “Big issue going forward for Bud Light is many don’t even want to be seen with product. They just pick another brand.” As to sales figures, it is being reported that sales of Bud Light — and other Anheuser-Busch brands — have been cratering since the boycott over its partnership with transgender TikTok activist Dylan Mulvaney began. One bar in New Hampshire, for example, reported a 20 percent drop in sales of Bud Light. The result of all this, though anecdotal, seems to show that the boycott of Bud Light is gaining steam, not letting up. Let’s hope that this becomes a message for other woke corporations that Americans are sick and tired of companies forcing left-wing politics on us when all we want is to enjoy a beer, slide on a pair of Levi’s, wear a NIKE sports bra or chow on a bowl of cereal or a cookie. Let’s hope they all realize the truth to the phrase “go woke, go broke.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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