Audience Awkwardly Laughs and Cheers After Biden Can’t Pronounce Name of New Monument He’s Establishing

Another day, another embarrassing gaffe from President Joe Biden. On Tuesday, Biden made remarks at the White House Conservation in Action Summit, where he announced that he is creating a new national monument — Avi Kwa Ame in Nevada. There was one massive problem, however: He had absolutely no idea how to pronounce it. One would think that Biden would have learned the name when working with the people involved in creating the monument, or at least when preparing for the speech. Sadly, though, he seemed to have no clue what the monument was called. The audience laughed awkwardly as Biden stumbled over the name, playing for time by saying, “And I want you to know it’s a big deal,” before several of them jumped in to help by shouting out the name of the monument. Eventually, Biden said, “I just know it as Spirit Mountain.” He was met with the type of cheers usually reserved for toddlers saying their first word. During the speech, his gaze was directed toward something in the distance, and he appeared to be slowly reading lines off a teleprompter. That video makes Biden look more like a wide-eyed robot than an actual person — let alone the president — giving a speech. Many were quick to point out that this incident was symptomatic of the wider problems surrounding Biden’s mental acuity, with journalist Benny Johnson tweeting that the situation is “getting worse.” Honestly, all these gaffes were a bit amusing at first, but they quickly became concerning as warnings about Biden’s health were repeated over and over again. The situation has indeed gotten worse, to the point where the president’s mental health is now a national security issue. We have criminals running rampant, the economy collapsing, an open border, and trains derailing all over the country. Worse, Russia and China are flexing their muscles, posing a serious threat to American interests. In this time of crisis and doubt, we need a strong leader who inspires confidence in the American people, and that is not Joe Biden. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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