Armed Homeowner Leaves Alleged Burglar in Pool of Blood After Opening Fire

A Texas homeowner shot and wounded a man who entered his home with unknown intentions last week, and he will face no charges after investigators found he was justified in opening fire. The shooting happened in the city of Beaumont early Friday morning when a man identified as 43-year-old Jason Omar Cruz allegedly entered a home he didn’t belong in. Officers said Cruz broke in and the homeowner initially reacted by dialing 911, according to KBMT-TV. But in the South, Midwest and other pockets of sanity in this country, people are aware of the fact they are their own first responders. The homeowner, whose name has not been released, apparently didn’t feel he had time to wait for police to arrive. He retrieved a firearm and shot Cruz, who was found in a pool of his own blood in a bathroom by officers when they made it to the scene. KBMT-TV reported that officers saved the suspect’s life by rendering first aid. Cruz was rushed to a hospital and is expected to survive. The Beaumont Police Department quickly announced the homeowner would face no charges in the shooting. “Even though they are the ones who shot the suspect, they are still the victim,” said Haley Morrow with the police department. “The suspect is the one who broke the law and committed a crime and as a result, he was shot.” At this point, you have to wonder why people even bother entering homes that do not belong to them in states like Texas, where homeowners are very likely to be armed and prepared to protect their lives and property. It seldom works out in their favor. In Texas, citizens are also backed by clear laws that shield them from judicial activism. Law-abiding gun owners are in many cases bright enough to elect public officials who go after the reprobates who prey on the innocent. But in a state like New York, for example, a person in a similar scenario could have been charged with a crime — depending on the color of his skin, the ethnicity of the perpetrator, and the mood of far-left district attorneys such as Alvin Bragg. In Friday’s Beaumont shooting, the suspect will be charged with burglary when he heals from his wounds. Meanwhile, the man who justifiably shot him will be free to live his life. Of course, the real story is that a firearm proved once again to be the great equalizer in a scenario in which an innocent person faced potential death or great bodily harm. Gun ownership means law-abiding citizens who are defending their homes are not only evenly matched with those who want to harm them, but in many cases have an advantage over them — especially when they are familiar with their weapons. In a country that demonizes legal gun ownership and simultaneously coddles violent criminals, the gun of the homeowner in Beaumont very likely prevented him from becoming another statistic. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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