WHO Appoints Trans Activist Who Advocates Puberty Blockers for All Kids to Gender Guidelines Group

WHO Appoints Trans Activist Who Advocates Puberty Blockers for All Kids to Gender Guidelines Group

In between its busy schedule of fear mongering about hypothetical pandemics and eroding our trust in public institutions, the World Health Organization has decided that the most pressing issue of the moment is catering to the most coddled minority to date — the transgender community.

And they are doing so by appointing, among their extensive panel of purported experts, an unapologetic trans activist, Florence Ashley, to their new “guideline development group” regarding “the health of trans and gender diverse people.”

According to the WHO’s news release on the subject, released, in a rather cowardly move, a week before Christmas, this new guideline “will focus in 5 areas: provision of gender-affirming care, including hormones; health workers education and training for the provision of gender-inclusive care; provision of health care for trans and gender diverse people who suffered interpersonal violence based in their needs; health policies that support gender-inclusive care, and legal recognition of self-determined gender identity.”

Looking at the panel of “experts” chosen by the WHO to draft this guideline, we can probably guess what kinds of of healthcare and procedures this guideline will advocate — and it probably won’t involve the kind of therapy that frees confused kids from a social contagion and allows them to embrace their actual gender.

Granted, the whole panel of purported experts, judging by the bios shared by the WHO, will raise the eyebrows of most sane folk.

Most of them seem to have a stake in promoting the transgender ideology and, as the website Unherd points out, none among their ranks are experts in adolescent development or show any hint of pushing back against the increasingly accepted narrative on puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones for teenagers.

According to The Post Millennial, at least half of the 21 members are trans, and many of them have connections to WPATH, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. Still more have pioneered all manner of gender mutilation surgeries and hormone treatments.

But Florence Ashley ramps it up to another level. A self-described “transfeminine jurist and bioethicist,” his X/Twitter profile lists his pronouns as “they/them/that b***h” (classy), and his most eloquent clap-back against Jordan Peterson consisted in sharing a picture of his new “be gay, do crimes tattoo.” His books include “Banning Transgender Conversion Practices: A Legal and Policy Analysis” and — his most recent — a charming little book entitled “Gender/F***ing: The Pleasures and Politics of Living in a Gendered Body.”

According to his smug “About” page on his website,  his books have been reviewed by the likes of Harvard Law Review and the Canadian Bar Association’s National magazine.

In that same bio, Ashley said, “[The] criminal justice system won’t save us, but gender self-determination might,” further demonstrating where this attorney’s priorities lie.

Regarding the trans children at the focus of the WHO’s guidelines, Ashley said, “[puberty] blockers structurally place transgender and cisgender hormonal futures in approximate symmetry. Youth who take puberty blockers have their options wide open, their bodies unaltered by either testosterone or oestrogen. Although much remains unknown about the long-term effects of puberty blockers, limited empirical evidence and clinical experience make us more than justified in assuming that whatever risks puberty blockers have do not foreclose future life paths as much as undergoing puberty does,” the Post Millennial reported.

Ignoring the pretentious academic gibberish, what Ashley is saying is, essentially, that puberty blockers have no significant side effects, but if they do, the risks are worth it if it allows “trans youth” to finally unleash their “true selves.”

Anyone who is paying attention knows that, not only is this a load of hogwash, but ignoring the harmful side effects of inadequately studied treatments and procedures for the sake of validating severe mental illness is both unethical and irresponsible.

And yet, these are the sorts of people the WHO has appointed to draft guidelines to be used the world over regarding healthcare and treatment for confused and vulnerable children.

At this point, can the WHO really be considered an authority on anything, let alone public health?

More so than ever, it seems the WHO is just an arm for liberal elites to shove their various agendas down the throats of unsuspecting and unwilling ordinary people.

By appointing clearly biased individuals like Ashley to draft these guidelines, it’s clear the WHO’s priority is not wrestling with controversial issues to help troubled individuals but to score leftist brownie points by advocating for the newest fad in sexual deviancy.

If this is the WHO’s overriding priority, then we have a lot more to worry about this corrupt, U.N.-backed agency than we previously thought.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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