AOC’s District Is So Bad the Mayor Called Out ‘Inhumane Conditions’ in Her Own Backyard: Video

AOC’s District Is So Bad the Mayor Called Out ‘Inhumane Conditions’ in Her Own Backyard: Video

One’s home is directly reflective of the type of person he or she is.

It would seem that Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t been doing much of anything to maintain hers as the New York neighborhoods of Corona, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst— all within the district she represents — have descended into chaos.

Fox News reported Saturday that the streets of the once-lively community in Queens are now littered with trash while prostitutes look for work on street corners.

One specific area, the main strip along Roosevelt Avenue, has garnered the nickname “the market of sweethearts” from locals for the absurd amount of sex workers on it.

The outlet reported it witnessed prostitutes soliciting men in broad daylight on a Wednesday.

These women typically take their clientele to makeshift brothels in the area where they perform their services.

Even Democratic Mayor Eric Adams lamented the conditions.

“Among these legal businesses, you have these single beds — it is clear what is taking place there and this is really bringing down the quality of life of this community and anyone who says this is a victimless crime, just really needs to see the inhumane conditions,” Adams said after a police raid on six brothels in January, according to Fox News.

Sex trafficking is real … and we’re not going to sit idly by and pretend that it’s not happening,” the mayor said.

Illegal vendors also have overtaken the neighborhoods, with migrants setting up haphazard piles of clothing and other goods on sidewalks and elsewhere.

Only licensed vendors are allowed to set up markets in public areas, but police have failed to crack down on the illegal operations in the area.

None of this seems to matter to Ocasio-Cortez, who appears to be in lockstep with the people who are worsening the community’s quality of life.

She has spoken out in favor of prostitution, declaring in a December 2020 social media post, “Sex work is work.”

Meanwhile, in August, the Democratic congresswoman decried a raid on illegal street vendors in Corona Plaza.

“This enforcement served no one,” AOC said in a post on X. “It confiscated vendors’ property, shut down & spread fear in this immigrant community.”

Instead of such enforcement, she said, New York needs to provide more street vendor licenses.

The city caps the number of licenses it provides in an attempt to ensure the streets don’t become overrun with businesses.

“Don’t tell people to get licenses when they haven’t been given for 10 years,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “It is unrealistic. It is ridiculous.”

Of course, those in charge of the city decide how many permits will be allowed and how hard or easy it is to get one.

And who is in charge of New York City? The congresswoman’s fellow Democrats.

Regardless, the solution is not just more permits.

Police need to continue to crack down on brothels and penalize people who decide to set up shop with piles of goods without a proper permit.

Laws were made for a reason, regardless of how much liberals fail to think about it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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