AOC Smirks as She Is Arrested by Capitol Police Outside Supreme Court

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was arrested during a Tuesday pro-abortion protest at the Supreme Court. The Democrat smiled at the crowd as a Capitol Police officer led her away from the Supreme Court building, The Hill reported. “It is against the law to block traffic … We have already given our standard three warnings. Some of the demonstrators are refusing to get out of the street, so we are starting to make arrests,” U.S. Capitol Police wrote in a series of Tweets on Tuesday afternoon. In a peculiar twist, AOC held her hands behind her back as if she were handcuffed during the arrest. The New York congresswoman then proceeded to raise a fist to the protesting crowd. With the gesture complete, she returned her hands to the handcuffed position. [firefly_poll] Progressive congresswoman Ilhan Omar was also arrested during the Supreme Court protest, according to KSTP-TV. Omar appears to make the same fist gesture after holding her hands in a handcuff position in one video of her arrest. Video of the protest shows demonstrators sitting on the road and holding pro-abortion signs. The Capitol Police announced that they made 34 arrests during the protest — including the arrests of 16 members of Congress. Those arrested were allegedly blocking a road outside of the Supreme Court, according to law enforcement. Those arrested include several members of Congress associated with the progressive “squad.” It’s not clear if those arrested will be cited by the police or charged by prosecutors. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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