Could AOC Be Helping Republicans? Dem Congresswoman Seen Smiling with GOP Reps

Things are really starting to get interesting on Capitol Hill. On what is shaping up to be a wild start to the new Congress, Rep. Kevin McCarthy lost the first ballot to become the new speaker of the House after 19 Republicans revolted and voted against him. This was hardly surprising, as the revolt of GOP representatives against their leader has been in the news since the disappointing midterm elections, but it is what happened after the vote concluded that is really surprising. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, one of the most far-left and progressive Democrats in the House, was spotted speaking with some of her Republican colleagues. Not only was she speaking with them, but she was smiling while talking with them as well. What makes this all the more remarkable is that she was not speaking with moderate Republicans or “Never Trumpers.” No. She was conversing with two of the most conservative, right-wing Republicans in Congress: Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona and Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida. Needless to say, users on Twitter went wild over this development. One Twitter user pointed out that this seemingly friendly conversation between AOC and Gosar is even more surprising when one considers that Gosar is the Republican who once “posted an anime video of him killing her with a sword.” The video resulted in AOC calling for Gosar to be removed from office and for him to be suspended from his committee assignments over “incitement to violence.” But now all that seems to be forgotten. The question, of course, is what these seemingly sworn political enemies could possibly be discussing in such a friendly manner. Given the context in which this discussion took place, it is possible that the Republican representatives were trying to strike a deal with AOC about who to elect as speaker. [firefly_poll] After all, Gaetz and Gosar are known to be fierce critics of McCarthy and are determined to ensure that he does not become speaker. Meanwhile, AOC, as a Democrat, naturally stands in opposition to McCarthy — maybe they can reach a compromise. Perhaps the political divide in America is not as bad as it seems. If a radical leftist congresswoman can have a civil and friendly discussion with two of the most right-wing representatives in House, then perhaps there is some hope that the partisan divide can be bridged. Regardless, today’s strange developments in Washington suggest that these next two years will be fascinating in the halls of Congress. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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