Antifa Punk Tries to Rally Muslims Against a Conservative – It Backfires Spectacularly When He Brings Up LGBT

To be perfectly clear about this from the outset: There is nothing “good” or worthwhile to be had from the bloody and barbaric invasion of Israel at the hands of Hamas terrorists on the morning of Oct. 7. Countless innocent Israelis have been brutally murdered, lives have been irrevocably changed (for the worse), and things will likely get much bloodier before anything gets any better in the region. But if there’s one useful thing to emerge from the chaos and destruction, it’s that countless anti-Semites have willingly and loudly unmasked themselves. And while it’s good that raging anti-Semites will struggle to find work after they rack up a hefty Harvard tab, that’s hardly the only non-negative thing that this Middle East bloodshed has offered. Believe it or not, this conflict has also created an opportunity to point and laugh at the far-left serpent eating its own tail. Take, for example, this wild video posted by The Post Millennial senior editor Andy Ngo on X. In the video, conservative advocate Chris “Billboard Chris” Elston (his most prominent claim to fame is battling back against transgenderism run amok) is seen speaking to pro-Palestinian antifa irritants. The conversation goes as these things typically tend to go down, with the conservative offering rational thought and explanation, while the left tries to drown them out with nonsense. But this conversation took a markedly different — and funny — turn when one of the antifa punks tried to rope in a fellow pro-Palestinian protester. Take a look for yourself below:

WARNING: The following video contains language that some viewers will find offensive

“What is fascist about trying to protect children from irreversible harm,” Elston asked the masked antifa member. “You are actually causing children to commit suicide with what you are propagating,” the antifa member retorted. Elston promptly put the agitator in his place by calling out that line of reasoning for what it is: emotional blackmail. “So you don’t actually want to prove any of your points because you actually have no evidence,” Elston said. It’s at this point that the first antifa member, realizing that he was losing the battle due to the quality of his “facts,” tried to take a more quantitative approach to his argument when he roped in a fellow pro-Palestinian protester. “This guy is trying to propagate anti-LGTBQ propaganda,” the masked antifa member said with the exact same energy as a kindergarten tattletale. “He is trying to tell children that they are not allowed to be trans.” “Yeah, they’re not.” And no, that wasn’t Elston making that remark… it was the female pro-Palestinian protesters he just roped in. It’s at this point that you can palpably see the wind coming out of the first antifa member’s sails, as he stood there and was verbally undressed. The pro-Palestinian protesters explained to him that many religions, especially Abrahamic ones like Islam, are actually staunchly against all forms of LGBT — including (especially?) the transitioning of youths. It’s all wonderful schadenfreude — until you realize that the ones explaining this to the original antifa punk are generally advocating for the systematic dismantling and erasure of Israel. This was always going to be the end result of the left’s endless intersectionality. If you divide people up in enough ways, you will eventually divide them against each other. So yes, the enemy of your enemy may not be your friend. But they can still provide a hearty laugh or two… especially if it comes at the expense of a far-left dolt like the one that challenged “Billboard Chris.”
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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