Anti-Gun Group Roasted After Trying to Get People to Turn Thanksgiving Dinner Into an Argument Against Firearms

Anti-Gun Group Roasted After Trying to Get People to Turn Thanksgiving Dinner Into an Argument Against Firearms

Want some tips for a successful Thanksgiving this year? Well, a good rule of thumb is to always factor one pound of turkey per person in order to have enough. Have activities for antsy kids to do so they don’t start causing trouble at the table.

Also, argue about guns.

You may notice a bit of discordance in those three tips. That’s because the first two came from housekeeping outlet Real Simple, just two of the “23 Genius Host Tips for the Best Thanksgiving Ever.”

The third came from Moms Demand Action, part of the anti-gun lobby that former New York City mayor and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg helped fund.

“Frustrated by misinformed relatives around the dinner table this holiday season?” the organization posted on social media.

“At your next gathering, be ready to fork over the facts about guns and gun violence in America. Learn more about myths and facts here,” it adds, linking to a “fact-sheet” that’s really just liberal talking points about gun violence.

Users on X explained quite simply what was wrong with this logic:

However, this isn’t just stupid, it spits in the face of the holiday.

Thanksgiving is, or should be, bringing families together and remembering what we have to be thankful for.

It isn’t a soapbox, a place where one person who’s read from a checklist assembled by one of the most heavily astroturfed gun control organizations in America can essentially filibuster the conversation and turn the dinner into a debate.

It isn’t a time to “fork over” your opinions, be you on the left or right. It’s a time to transcend how we vote and celebrate what we have in common.

The fact that this is the kind of holiday that Moms Demand Action thinks is appropriate is a sign of how serious it is as an organization. No hearts nor minds will be changed by anyone who hijacks the dinner table and uses it to host their own version of an MSNBC show.

Perhaps the only thing we can be thankful for with this insipid Turkey Day advertisement is that it demonstrated how unserious and unlikable these people can be when expounding their unconstitutional agenda on gun control. The rest of America will, sensibly, keep with Real Simple’s tips for entertaining and worry more about the amount of turkey per guest than how their filibuster of the gathering will go.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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