Anthropologist Makes Shocking Discovery at Florida Thrift Store

Anthropologist Makes Shocking Discovery at Florida Thrift Store

Here are two separate opinions that border on fact:

  1. Some people take Halloween way too seriously.
  2. Strange things happen in Florida.

Of course, those two quasi-facts collided in a bizarre story that could only happen during Halloween time in Florida.

According to WFLA-TV, an anthropologist was shopping in a Fort Meyers thrift store when she saw an unusual item in the store’s Halloween section.

You can watch the NBC News segment on the strange tale below:

On Saturday, an anthropologist walked into a thrift store and saw your typical Halloween accoutrements, like bats, pumpkins and skulls.

But whereas nobody would assume the giant paper bat or light-up jack-o-lantern would be amiss, this anthropologist thought something was a bit off about a skull found there.


Lo and behold, that skull was not nearly as manufactured as those bats or pumpkins — it was real.

When the shopper noticed the skull was real, authorities were called in and the macabre item was picked up for analysis.

According to WFLA, the skull was subsequently sent to a medical examiner for analysis.

As to how this shocking item found itself in a Fort Meyers thrift store, it appears to be an episode of “Storage Wars” gone awry.

The store owner reportedly spoke to authorities and told them that the skull was found in a storage unit purchased a long time ago.

For now, authorities reportedly do not think anything suspicious took place, but are investigating the strange circumstances surrounding it.

Despite the sordid strangeness of this ordeal, it actually fits right in with the generally bizarre headlines that occasionally creep out of the Sunshine State — headlines that seem normal at first glance, before subsequent details highlight that it’s anything but normal.

In August 2022, a beach-going Florida man saw something odd while on the beach.

It was a corpse of a person who had been buried alive.

A month before that incident, a different Florida man grabbed headlines for attacking police.

And while attacking police may not be a totally unheard of venture in a post-George Floyd world, that incident was noteworthy for what the man attacked police with: hot dogs.

Before that, in May 2022, a different Florida man totaled his car in Boca Raton.

That car just happened to be a supercar worth nearly three-quarters of a million dollars.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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