Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Thrown Into Chaos as Pro-Palestinian Mob Arrives

Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Thrown Into Chaos as Pro-Palestinian Mob Arrives

Radicalized leftists have no regard for you. They have a cause, along with a metabolic urge to showcase their moral superiority. And if that comes at your expense, then so be it.

According to KOMO-TV in Seattle, hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted an annual Christmas tree lighting in Seattle on Friday.

The protesters carried signs that read, for instance, “Stand with Palestine! End the occupation now!” and “Palestine will be free!”

Louie Tran of Seattle’s KIRO-TV posted a 20-second video of the protest on social media.

As if performing a parody of the modern American left, protesters waved Palestinian flags while sporting the cloth masks of the COVID cult. All the while, a bullhorn-wielding protester led the familiar chant calling for the end of Israel: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

KIRO reported there were “strong mixed reactions” among those who gathered for the tree lighting.

Tara Mehrsadeh, for instance, expressed support for the protesters’ cause but surprise at their choice of venue.

“I agree free Palestine, but there was some vandalizing over there that I do not agree with. I mean, I’m supporting freeing Palestine 110 percent. But I was kind of unexpected because I didn’t expect this to happen while I was here,” she said.

Alas, as if programmed by years of U.S. secondary and higher education, Mehrsadeh then channeled her inner guilt-ridden liberal.

“In the end, when children are dying in Palestine, and we’re over here happy, it’s just a difficult situation because there are kids here too, but there are also helpless children in Palestine, not having any help, not having any joy or celebrations,” she said.

Julie Davis, who attended the tree lighting with her husband, did not engage in the same kind of hand-wringing.

“Horrible. I don’t feel safe,” Davis said of the protests. “I want the tree to light. This is the Christmas spirit. They [protesters] just walked in and took over the stage.”

Narcissists do those things.

“It can bring people to downtown for the purpose of lighting the tree. It’s not for this. If they want to do all this, they can do this on their own time, and not bring people together like this because we don’t want a protest. We want to light the tree,” Davis said.

Indeed, others echoed that sentiment. Dozens of people countered the protesters with chants of “Light the tree.”

The protesters, of course, do not care about Palestinian children more than do the non-protesters. In fact, if the protesters cared about children, they would not have disrupted a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. After all, children attend those ceremonies.


“I don’t think they should be here,” Davis said of the children whose parents appeared visibly uneasy. “Their parents are trying to hide them from all of this.”

In the end, the protests served the same practical purpose as the protesters’ cloth masks (worn outdoors, to boot): They had no meaningful effect.

When civil rights-era activists conducted sit-ins at lunch counters, they targeted segregation directly. They challenged that particular community’s unjust laws. Their actions bore a direct relation to their objective.

A Christmas tree lighting, on the other hand, had nothing to do with the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

It did, however, provide a stage upon which leftists could parade their endless narcissism. And that is always their true purpose. You and your children must deal with it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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