All’s Not Well in Bidenland: Volunteers ‘Quitting in Droves,’ Anonymous ‘Staffers’ Claim

All’s Not Well in Bidenland: Volunteers ‘Quitting in Droves,’ Anonymous ‘Staffers’ Claim

Staffers in Joe Biden’s campaign for president seem to be abandoning ship because the leftists are upset that Biden is supporting Israel in its efforts to root out and destroy the terrorist organization Hamas.

The claim that staffers are quitting the Biden campaign “in droves” came from purported staffers themselves, 17 of whom reportedly penned an open letter to Biden scolding him for refusing to pursue a “cease fire” between Israel and Hamas.

In a letter posted to the website Medium, signed by “17 Biden for President Staffers” — who are otherwise unnamed — the writers blast Biden for his support of the Jewish state, writing, “Biden for President staff have seen volunteers quit in droves, and people who have voted blue for decades feel uncertain about doing so for the first time ever, because of this conflict.”

“We write to you as the current staff of your re-election campaign. As we work to mobilize voters to cast their ballots for you in 2024, we must take a moment to acknowledge our tremendous grief, and the grief shared by countless other Americans, toward the violence occurring in Gaza,” the letter states.

“We joined this campaign because the values that you — and we — share are ones worth fighting for,” the letter continues. “Justice, empathy, and our belief in the dignity of human life is the backbone of not only the Democratic Party, but of the country. However, your administration’s response to Israel’s indiscriminate bombing in Gaza has been fundamentally antithetical to those values — and we believe it could cost you the 2024 election.”

“As your staff, we believe it is both a moral and electoral imperative for you to publicly call for a cessation of violence,” the letter claims. “Complicity in the death of over 20,000 Palestinians, 8,200 of whom are children, simply cannot be justified.”

The letter does not clarify where these supposed statistics come from.

The letter goes on to demand that Biden put an end to his military aid to Israel and warns him to pursue a descalation in Gaza and makes five demands.

The demands include the use of the president’s platform to effect “an immediate, permanent ceasefire.” To deescalate in the whole region and also force Hamas to release its hostages and Israel to release its Palestinian prisoners. To end the “unconditional military aid to Israel.” To investigate Israel for supposed “gross violations of human rights.” And to “Take concrete steps to end the conditions of apartheid, occupation, and ethnic cleansing that are the root causes of this conflict.”

The demands are a clown list of foolishness. If a U.S. president could effect all these miraculous peace policies with mere proclamations, it would have been done decades ago. It is also telling that the letter never once mentioned the campaign of murders, rapes, and torture that Hamas committed.

“You have said numerous times that silence in the face of human rights violations is complicity. We agree, which is why we are speaking out now,” the letter added. “Every minute that passes without a ceasefire is another life that is lost — a life that could have been saved with political action from you. As your staff, we believe it is both a moral and electoral imperative for you to publicly call for a cessation of violence.”

The letter was referring to a speech Biden gave on Oct. 15, 2021, at the dedication of a human rights center at the University of Connecticut, where he said that “silence” over human rights abuses “is complicity.” He has repeated the idea since, including at a December 2022 White House event, as NBC News reported at the time.

While these supposed staffers sought to hide their names from the public — thereby dulling the luster of their claim to high principles — some of Biden’s administration have openly and publicly quit over the president’s Israel policy.

Most recently, Tariq Habash, a now-former special assistant in the Education Department’s Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development resigned, the New York Post reported.

The letter by the 17 unnamed alleged staffers is not the first by supposed insiders to publicly criticize Biden’s Middle East policies.

In November, a group of 400 self-identified administration employees — again without actual names being used — signed another letter demanding that Biden pursue a ceasefire in Gaza.

The letter was signed by self-identified political appointees and civil servants across more than 30 federal departments and agencies, NBC News reported at the time.

So, with the polls making Biden out to be losing to Donald Trump, and other polls finding Biden at a lower approval rating even than Trump — the man Biden said was the “worst” president in history — all this turmoil and unrest inside Biden’s own regime is a very bad sign for the president’s re-election campaign.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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