‘Alien Freak’: Madonna Blasted for ‘Unrecognizable’ Look at Grammys

Pop singer Madonna turned heads on Sunday at the Grammy Awards, but not over a gimmicky outfit, a political statement or a controversial on-stage stunt. Madge, as she is affectionately called by so many of her fans, showed the world what appeared to be a desperate attempt at clinging to youth and, by proxy, relevancy at age 64. She was almost unrecognizable as she spoke before a performance by singer Sam Smith. Her appearance was so jarring that many of the dwindling numbers of Americans who still watch the country’s dying award shows were stunned. Conservative author and commentator Matt Walsh opined she reminded him of an “alien.” “I’ll never understand why some women think it’s better to look like an alien freak than to just look like an older woman,” Walsh wrote on Twitter. “There’s nothing wrong [with] being older. We’re all headed there. Embrace your age with grace.” Fox News’ Jimmy Failla had a laughter-inducing take on Madonna’s new look when he commented, “She’s lucky the climate activists in the crowd didn’t come after her for all the plastic in her face.” Others on social media also shared their thoughts on the singer’s appearance: “Alien” is certainly one way to delineate Madonna’s new aesthetic. It might be a bit harsh as far as descriptors go, but Walsh hit the target through his overall message. Madonna’s apparent inability to accept her age with any scintilla of grace is tragic, even for a self-described material girl. There is something to be said about growing older with dignity. Age is something that should be embraced and celebrated. It will eventually come for us all — given we are blessed with enough years to enjoy the gifts in life that truly matter. As she has done for four decades, Madonna generated headlines on Sunday. But never have we seen her in a manner so pitifully vain and outlandishly desperate. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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