Age Won’t Save Teen Who Was Captured Driving Stolen Car, Laughing as He Hit Cyclist

A Las Vegas teen is now likely facing a murder rap and will be charged as an adult after a video posted to social media seems to show that he went out of his way to run down and kill a 64-year-old bicycle rider. Last weekend, video of the horrendous crime emerged of the Aug. 14 collision showing the driver of a stolen Hyundai Elantra laughing with a companion as the vehicle accelerated and swerved to line up behind the bike rider before brutally striking him down. Killed was Andreas Probst, a retired police chief for the city of Bell, California, who was out riding his bicycle in the bike lane at 6 a.m. that morning. The video posted to social media is shocking, but it is quickly becoming altogether too common to see young people acting like uncivilized goons who have no respect for others.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language and disturbing content that some readers will find upsetting.

After the video turned viral on social media, authorities made the determination that what was initially being investigated as an accidental death was actually an intentional act of murder, KLAS-TV reported. Now, KLAS-TV is reporting that the teen who was allegedly driving the stolen vehicle and who was arrested on Aug. 31 will likely be charged as an adult for the crime. The District Attorney’s Office announced that it was seeking to charge the teen as an adult, but KLAS notes that if a teen is charged with murder in Nevada, it is automatically upgraded to a charge as an adult. It is a process referred to as “certification.” So, it appears that as soon as the suspect is officially charged with murder, he will be referred to the adult system. It has not been announced if the driver’s teen companion — who recorded the disturbing video of the hit-and-run — has been charged or will be arrested. According to the report, the teen who was arrested for the murder already has a record in the Clark County juvenile system. Probst was just about to celebrate his 35th wedding anniversary when he was found lying dead beside the road by his wife and daughter who went out looking for him when he went missing. “Being around him, it was like being next to a ray of sunshine,” the victim’s daughter said. “He was always laughing, always smiling, offering you support, life advice, career advice.” The biker was taken to the University Medical Center-Las Vegas where he was pronounced dead. A memorial was set up on the spot where he was so horrifically cut down. Members of the law enforcement community were also on hand to memorialize Probst. The increasing number of incidents like this perpetrated by teens show that with its self-centered, nihilistic focus on the self, its constant drumbeat for abortion at will at any time, and its violent hatred for those with whom they disagree politically, the immoral left has fully inculcated a complete disregard for humanity in our children. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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