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Border Patrol Union Destroys Biden in Less Than 50 Words
Sometimes less says more. The Border Patrol Union proved it Monday with a social media post on X. The union... Read more…

Watch: Madonna Collapses on Stage Mid-Concert After Huge Mishap
Posted by Johnathan Jones
Pop singer Madonna fell to the floor on Sunday during a concert in Seattle when a dancer who pulled a... Read more…

‘Shark Tank's’ 'Mr. Wonderful' Done with New York After Trump Ruling
Posted by Joe Saunders
"Mr. Wonderful" is on a media tour that's going to make New York as miserable as liberals want to make... Read more…

Man Caught on Camera Doing the Unthinkable to Girl Scout Cookie Stand
Posted by Johnathan Jones
If you need any additional evidence that America’s metropolitan areas have hit rock bottom as the country has devolved into... Read more…

Mob of Illegals Attacks NYPD Officers as Shelter Arrest Turns to Chaos
Posted by Johnathan Jones
A video posted to social media on Monday shows a melee inside a tent city for illegal immigrants at a... Read more…

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