Adidas Goes Woke in Disgusting Way – Look at Who Modeled a Women’s Swimsuit

Big business at this point is merely thumbing its nose at women and conservatives as yet another global corporation is celebrating women through a man with a sinister smile and crotch bulge. That’s the only conclusion that can be rationally reached as Adidas is now hawking a women’s swimsuit that features a male modeling it online. The company has unveiled its “PRIDE SWIMSUIT,” which is priced at $70 and has cost the company at least one customer for life. For my lack of wishing to find a better term, this is an absolute freak show: The company calls the swimsuit a “celebration” of the belief that “love unites.” “A celebration of self-expression, imagination and the unwavering belief that love unites, the collaboration explores fluidity, color and patterns,” Adidas said in the product description. “This partnership is one part of our effort to honor the LGBTQIA+ community alongside our Global Purpose partner Athlete Ally,” the description added. The product, which is anything but lovable, was predictably panned online by rational people: Left-wing media outlets have for years predicted or even celebrated a coming “breakup” between Republicans and mega-corporations. This conservative is finally onboard and ready to go beyond merely boycotting companies and the “woke” advertising and PR people they hire. Businesses that intentionally mock women and working people while simultaneously trying to undermine the social fabric of this country need to feel a pinch. None of this is remotely normal. Republicans in office need to make it impossible for companies such as Adidas to operate. Tax them all out of business or until they break. Let them see how their products perform in Abu Dhabi. That statement will almost certainly lead to accusations of me being a bad capitalist from some. Bring them on. [firefly_poll] I celebrate capitalism every day by frequenting small businesses that stay out of the culture war or those whose owners and employees respect my values. The country is currently engaged in a war for its soul. The people at Adidas apparently think it’s funny. The people who ran Bud Light into the ground expected sane consumers to accept their absurd conclusion that women have penises. It. Never. Ends. Americans can each decide for themselves whether or not they wish to boycott “woke” corporations. I intend to support lawmakers who will pledge to bring corporations that mock my wife, my mother, my sisters, and my daughters to their knees until the CEOs beg for mercy. Adidas’ latest ad is not an ad at all but rather a middle finger to every person who wakes up every day with every intention of being decent. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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