Adam Schiff Blasts Twitter, Then Gets Fact-Checked by Elon Musk Himself

Elon Musk opted to set the record straight after a Democrat member of Congress attacked his administration of Twitter. Musk responded to Rep. Adam Schiff after the California Democrat claimed that Twitter had become a platform for racial slurs after the multibillionaire’s acquisition in a Thursday tweet. Schiff earlier issued a tweet accusing Musk of abusing animals in testing for Neuralink, one of his technology companies. Schiff and fellow California Rep. Mark Takano also sent a letter to Musk criticizing his reforms to Twitter. The two Democrats cited the left-wing Center for Countering Digital Hate for their statistics in the letter. The same group led a campaign to lobby Google into demonetizing several conservative news websites. Musk rejected Schiff’s assertion — revealing that “hate speech impressions” have declined at Twitter since he took the helm of the social media company. Musk earlier shared internal Twitter data attesting to an overall decline of content deemed hate speech. Attacking or threatening others on the basis of their race and ethnicity remains a violation of Twitter’s community standards. This policy hasn’t changed since Musk became the company’s new owner. Progressive Democrats have criticized Musk’s vision to roll back internet censorship at Twitter. President Joe Biden even indicated that the federal government is watching Musk in a post-midterm news conference, while declining to accuse the technologist and entrepreneur of any specific wrongdoing. Schiff hasn’t responded to Musk’s rebuttal of his own claims. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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