94-Year-Old Veteran Struggles After Being Kicked Out of Nursing Home, Replaced by Migrants: ‘It’s Not Fair’

94-Year-Old Veteran Struggles After Being Kicked Out of Nursing Home, Replaced by Migrants: ‘It’s Not Fair’

What does it say about a nation that tells its veterans it can’t care for them because it’s too busy making illegal migrants comfortable?

The Island Shores Senior Residence, an assisted living facility in Staten Island, New York, kicked out residents, including 94-year-old Army veteran Frank Tammaro, because the owner of the nonprofit “Homes for the Homeless” decided “to focus on its core mission of serving the homeless families,” according to Fox News.

Tammaro was abruptly told in September 2022 that his senior residence would be closing and residents would need to vacate by March 2023. This news came as a shock to the 53 elderly residents, many of whom had called Island Shores home for years.

Tammaro had lived at Island Shores for five years.”It’s no joke getting thrown out of a house,” he told Fox News.

The facility’s owner initially assured residents that the buyer would likely be another senior care operator who would reopen the home.

Tammaro’s daughter, Barbara Annunziata, said she knew something was not right. “We knew something was going to go in there,” she said. “They kept saying, ‘Oh, they’re going to sell it. They’re going to sell it.’”

However, in August, it was revealed that Island Shores had been sold to the city to house newly arrived migrants, with 15 asylum-seeking families moving into the vacant facility in September.

Island Shores was one of over 200 sites across New York City that have been hastily converted to emergency shelters in recent months.

This massive mobilization aims to provide housing for the flood of 130,000 migrants who have entered New York City since October 2022 after crossing into the country illegally along the southern border.

The news outraged local residents, spurring protests outside Island Shores.

Assemblyman Michael Tannousis complained at a September news conference, “The City of New York has been employing a practice of opening migrant shelters and placing migrants into shelters under the cover of darkness,” the New York Post reported.

“They are not keeping the community apprised, and they are not keeping the elected officials apprised. This has caused a sense of panic amongst the constituency.”

With limited mobility and requiring daily assisted living care, Tammaro struggled to find a new facility that could meet his needs.

He hated the new facility that he ended up in, and eventually, after a fall, moved in with his daughter, Annunziata, who now cares for him full-time.

“Why should he live the rest of his life someplace he didn’t like?”Annunziata said.

For Annunziata, the situation added insult to injury. After having to take her elderly father into her home, she struggled to get him care and services, while migrants seemed to be getting robust government assistance.

“They’re worried about the migrants more than they’re worried about the U.S. citizens,” she said.

Meanwhile, Annunziata said she can’t even get an aide for her father for more than 30 days.

“These migrants, they’re getting everything. They’re getting everything and I can’t get nothing for [Tammaro]. It angers me,” she said.

“It’s not fair to anybody,” she added.

Homes for the Homeless declined to comment, the Post reported.

The fact that a man who served his country is kicked out at 94 years old so bureaucrats can roll out the red carpet for migrants who have done nothing — not even the necessary paperwork — to be here is sickening.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.”

If Lincoln could see the way we treat our veterans now, he might not have much faith in the longevity of this nation.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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