8 States Now Say Complete Ban on Gas-Powered New Car Sales Coming

8 States Now Say Complete Ban on Gas-Powered New Car Sales Coming

The war on gas-powered vehicles continues.

While the White House recently released new rules to phase out gas-powered vehicles by 2032, several states have gone further.

Eight states plan to completely ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported. Who’s leading the charge, you might ask?

Why, it’s California, of course!

They are joined by Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington. Washington, D.C., has also committed to the ban, according to Money.

If you live in one of these states, you won’t be forced to take your gas-powered car off the road and can still buy these automobiles used or secondhand.

But what does this mean for consumers in those states?

Electric vehicles already cost more to buy than gas-powered vehicles. And while the argument has repeatedly been made that charging can save consumers money over time, there are countless stories of charging nightmares: from homes catching fire, to broken charging stations, to long charging times, to power grids unable to support the charging infrastructure.

All of the above issues cost consumers more money and time, not to mention how much replacing a battery in an EV can cost.

Also, when looking at the manufacturing of these vehicles — the mining to produce the lithium-ion batteries, the factory production of the vehicles — pollution still exists, and it doesn’t seem to reduce much of anything. In fact, per Earth.org, “Almost 4 tonnes of CO2 are released during the production process of a single electric car and, in order to break even, the vehicle must be used for at least 8 years to offset the initial emissions by 0.5 tonnes of prevented emissions annually.”

But despite all of these issues, the left keeps pressing on full steam — or, I guess, full lithium-ion battery — ahead.

If massive U.S. carmakers can’t stave off government overreach, what hope do the rest of us have?

This plan is yet another great example of the left’s priorities being out of step — and more importantly, it highlights their totally backwards definition of freedom.

Take California for instance. According to the ACLU of Southern California, “Pregnant people in California have a fundamental right to choose to have an abortion, and you do not have to provide any reason or medical justification for getting one. This right is protected under California’s Constitution and state law.”

So a woman, although the left can’t even define woman instead using the term “pregnant people,” has the freedom to murder her unborn child, and the government should have no say whatsoever in that decision in the state of California. But that same state can force you to drive only an electric or hybrid vehicle in the the name of what is best for the environment.

What about when New York Gov. Cathy Hochul signed an executive order to protect giving “gender affirming care” to minors?

Again, New York can provide freedom to underage children to mutilate their bodies on the alter of the transgender movement, but it is a step too far to allow citizens to drive a gas-powered vehicle — because that goes against the “religion” of climate change.

Obviously, I don’t have the space here to provide an exhaustive list of all the abhorrent things these states are doing in the name of “freedom.”

I’m sure the reader is well aware of anything I could say.

The point is how the left views freedom. We should have the freedom to pick what type of car we purchase. Children in the womb should have the freedom to live. Youth should have the freedom to grow up without the malicious influence of transgender idealogues causing lifelong damage to their bodies.

Do you want to kill an innocent child on a whim? California will protect you in doing so.

Do you want to give children puberty blockers and mutilate their bodies only for them to revile you when they become adults and realize you’ve butchered them? Gov. Hochul has you covered.

Do you want to keep purchasing new gas-powered vehicles into the late 2030s and beyond? That is off the table.

Our nation is bound together by a system of roads and highways. Cars make life possible. The war on gas-powered cars in favor of expensive unreliable EVs is going to make life gradually harder.

Abortion and transgender “care,” on the other hand, only destroy life.

If the left cares about the freedom to “choose” as they often frame arguments in favor of abortion and transgenderism, why not let people choose what cars they drive?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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