7 Words that Will Break Your Heart – One Boy’s Journey to Help Victims of Ian

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Although they’re not recorded in the Gospels, Luke tells us in Acts that Paul attributed these nine words to Jesus Himself — and one 7-year-old boy seems to have taken that lesson to heart. “They need it more than I do,” Dominic D’Andrea told Fox News when asked why he was donating the entire content of his piggy bank to Florida’s relief efforts in the wake of deadly Hurricane Ian. Mom Jaclyn D’Andrea said she took a video as a “proud mom” to show her husband after Dominic told her what he wanted to do with his savings, “never anticipating for it to take off the way that it did.” “Why did you do it? What made you say, ‘I will give up my piggy bank to other people?'” Fox News host Pete Hegseth asked the young man Sunday after a video of him and his jar full of money went viral. “‘Cause they need it more than I do,” he answered. “But I bet you still want that scooter and that Corvette, right?” Hegseth then asked, referring to a comment D’Andrea had made in that earlier video regarding what his original plans were for the roughly $200 he’d managed to save so far. “Yeah,” the boy responded — a little sheepishly, it seems to me. There is nothing, however, for this young man to be sheepish about, and Hegseth seemed to understand that. “It’s amazing to see that kind of perspective and generosity from a 7-year-old,” he said. (You can watch the entire video interview here.) Dominic’s gift wouldn’t have been much of a sacrifice if he hadn’t decided against the Corvette or electric scooter, of course. The fact that he was giving up something he still wanted for himself is what made his generosity a virtue. And — no surprise here — it would appear that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Jaclyn said she would be taking Dominic’s money and other donations they’ve received, buying supplies locally, and then driving them to the Fort Myers area to give out to those in need. The sheriff’s office in Lee County, Florida, when Fort Myers is located, shared video Friday of some of the damage caused by Ian when it made landfall there last week. [firefly_embed]
[/firefly_embed] Readers interested in helping can donate via Venmo @Jaclyn-DAndrea-17 and on Zelle at 708-370-9491. After all, it’s more blessed to give than to receive. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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