50-Year-Old Woman Buys Revolver, Unexpectedly Puts It to Heroic Use the Very Next Day

She may not have anticipated it when she decided to buy a gun, but Yuhui Zheng ended up using her revolver to defend her home and her husband just one day after acquiring it. Around 10:20 p.m. on Saturday in Patterson, California, police found a young intruder, shot in the house of Yuhi Zheng and her husband Yang Luan after Zheng shot the intruder in self-defense, the news release from the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office that was posted on Facebook reported. The news release reported that the police got a report of shots fired and headed to the location. According to the release “[t]he reporting party called to say they had received a phone call from one of their female, Mandarin-speaking neighbors to say she had just shot and killed an intruder.” When police arrived at the home, they found 22-year-old Angelo Santana dead in the house, KCRA-TV reported. “Through the review of external and internal video surveillance footage, and upon taking statements from those who were on-scene and witness to the altercation, it appears 22-year-old Patterson resident Angelo Santana became heavily intoxicated and tried to force entry into the home,” the sheriff’s office news release outlined. The 45-year-old Yang Luan reportedly tried to stop Santana, the news release continued. Then his wife, the 50-year-old Yuhui Zheng got a revolver from upstairs, which she had gotten the day before. In self-defense, she fired all the gun’s rounds into Santana who was not armed. Meanwhile, Luan was slightly injured during the fight with Santana. He had “abrasions and scratches to the back,” the news release outlined. The police are still investigating the incident, but have not made any arrests, the news release continued. In response to the news release and information about the shooting that the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook, there have been dozens of comments. Many commenters praised Zheng for defending her home. “I am glad they were able to lawfully defend themselves. Sad for them because this will affect them. This is why it is important to support our 2A. Thankfully we have a Sheriff that believes in protecting our 2A rights,” one Facebook user commented on the post. “It is what it is they don’t belong in other peoples houses. Good job in protecting your family,” another wrote. “We need this to be front page news! Great job! And thank God that good has prevailed,” another commenter wrote. The posted news release has been liked hundreds of times on Facebook and had many positive responses. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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