Democrats Sink to New Low as They Attempt to Ram Through ‘Awful’ Biden Nominees

Republican senators erupted in anger Thursday after Democratic Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin of Illinois refused to allow Republicans to speak about the judicial nominations being put to a vote. The panel first considered two District court nominations in Oregon and California, according to Bloomberg Law. Durbin dismissed a call from Republican Sen. Marsha […]

Fed-Up Bongino Opens Show with Big Message Painted on His Face

Cancel-culture lunatics have the souls of tyrants. When worked into a frenzy of faux moral righteousness, they spare no one, not even children. Last weekend, for instance, multiple leftist sports outlets waxed indignant over a 9-year-old football fan — yes, a 9-year-old — who painted his face in the red and black colors of his […]

Watch: NYC Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Erupts Into Violence as Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clash with Police

Pro-Palestinian protesters branched out from starting mere street protests to harassing New Yorkers during the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center on Wednesday. Hundreds of protesters descended on the family event, carrying signs that said “end to genocide” and chanting “river to the sea” and other slogans as families gathered to celebrate the season, according […]

Sen. Rand Paul’s Quick Thinking Saves Fellow Republican’s Life

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky performed the Heimlich maneuver on fellow Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa while she was choking Thursday, according to multiple reports. The scary incident occurred during a Senate lunch, according to Fox News. The Iowa senator thanked Paul on social media for his actions — and took a swipe at […]

Trump Reportedly Considering Republican He Ran Against in 2016 to Be His VP

If former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 presidential election — and every American who loves freedom should pray that he does, assuming he is the GOP nominee — he will not serve more than four years in office. Urgency surrounds his campaign. He would need someone to help him win. Then, he would have […]

Water Company Blasted for Going After Arnold Palmer: ‘This Is Classless’

Liquid Death, a beverage company best known for selling cans of water resembling tall boy beers, is being criticized for its latest stunt. The brand, which expanded into the iced tea market this year, took to Instagram on Saturday to announce the name of its version of an Arnold Palmer — the iconic lemonade-iced tea […]

Forbes Names Dylan Mulvaney on Its ’30 Under 30′ List

I am one of the original Forbes Enterprise Award winners. I was presented with the award by Steve Forbes in 2006 for the creation of a children’s television series and brand centered upon promoting family values. It was thrilling to receive the distinguished award at the time, especially for the reason I gathered such recognition. […]