Work Dispute Turns Deadly in Florida, Business Partners Pull Guns On Each Other

Two men have shot and killed each other at their shared business in Lakeland, Florida, according to reports. Citing the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Fox News notes that Akeido Bennett, 31, and Xavier Figueroa, 39, business partners, got into a dispute that escalated to a gunfight Thursday. The sheriff’s office didn’t share the name of […]

Can You Pin Down This Eye-Catching Optical Illusion? It May Leave Your Head Spinning

A screen shot of an optical illusion.

This mind-boggling optical illusion may baffle you, even after you learn that you didn’t see what you thought you did. Experimental psychologist Akiyoshi Kitaoka often amuses her Twitter followers by sharing images that can make you question your own sanity. One mystifying illusion shows two rotating rings made up of six ovals. One is all […]

Russia Prepares Air Defense Over Moscow, 2,000 Soldiers ‘On Duty at Combat Posts’

Russia deployed air defenses in Moscow and provided residents of Belgorod, a city near the border with Ukraine, directions to bomb shelters on Saturday ahead of the New Year celebrations. Approximately 2,000 servicemen will be “on duty at combat posts on New Year’s Eve” for Moscow’s air defense, the Russian Ministry of Defense said, according […]

Teenager Spends Christmas in Hospital After Swallowing Marine Creature at Beach

A teenager in New South Wales, Australia, was hospitalized on Dec. 25 after ingesting a Portuguese man o’ war while celebrating Christmas on Bondi Beach. Paramedics were called to help the boy at 1:30 p.m., after which he was hospitalized at St. Vincent’s Hospital, local authorities told 7News Australia. “There is not a record of […]

Driver ‘Miraculously’ Survives After Guardrail Pierces Through Vehicle

Only minor injuries were reported from the horrific-looking crash.

A driver is extremely lucky to be alive after running into a guardrail off I-384 in Connecticut the day after Christmas. Not only did the driver survive the accident, but they somehow escaped major injury as well. The Manchester Fire Rescue EMS termed the incident “miraculous,” and it’s hard to disagree. You can view photos […]