New Study Has Gun Control Leftists Sweating: Snatching Up Guns May Make Gun Crime Worse

The beauty of numbers is that they don’t lie. Following the recent string of mass shootings during the Biden presidency, there has been loud demand for more gun control. But with Fox News Digital’s recently compiled Federal Bureau of Investigation data regarding the gun ownership-crime correlation, maybe we should follow the science. Fox compiled the […]

Biden Planning Surprising Move of Appointing a Pro-Life Conservative to Federal Judge Role: Report

Abortion supporters are irate that President Joe Biden could be considering a conservative attorney with a strong history of arguing against abortion for a federal judgeship. The Louisville Courier Journal first broke the news that former Kentucky Solicitor General Chad Meredith was being considered. Christopher Schuler, communications director, for Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky said […]

Op-Ed: SCOTUS Has Fulfilled Pro-Life Hopes, But Remember Who Is in Control

In the story of Esther, a young woman, one of the Jewish exiles in Persia, through a series of providential circumstances rises to become queen with King Ahasuerus. Though not explicitly stated in the account, it is clear that God arranged for Esther to be in that place at that time to play a crucial […]